((Half of me almost sort of misses all this.  I’m far from the right mindset to roleplay anymore, but if I was, half of me would. 

And then the other half of me has just decided to ragequit over all the fucking drama happening behind my back.  Been real pleasant, it has, hearing about it all secondhand.  Hearing how others are being asked my opinion, as if I can’t represent myself.

Forget it.  Until further notice (if ever), I have officially noped the fuck out.))

((A-anyway…  Goodnight.  I’ll reblog that thing tomorrow, for my people who aren’t quite so nocturnal, but… for now, I need to sleep.  Goodnight.))

Reason for my absence

((I realize this isn’t really the place for this, but this is the only Tumblr I have, and the most people I can reach out to. 
TW: self-harm))

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zeta-ursae-majoris replied to your post: ((Not that it affects anything, but I’m going to…

(( Well, looks like Mizar’s going to have more Alioth to restrain - if Jungo doesn’t beat her to death first. She’s set him off and we all know how angry Jungo goes. ))

((Yeah… Look, I really am sorry about Alioth and all the goings-on, but… it’s become a bit too much to handle. I really am sorry, I know things are going to shit because I can’t get over myself. But just, hang in there? Or something?))

((Not that it affects anything, but I’m going to be out of town from tomorrow to next Tuesday.  So, you know, continued inactivity.  Continued fear of interacting with literally everyone.

Catch you all when I work up the nerve, a’ight?))

((Not only did SMTIV not come when it was released… but it’s expected to take until I am out of town and unable to receive it, to come to me.

Fine, that’s fine.  I guess that’s what I get for pre-ordering.

I’ve been feeling a little… burnt-out on roleplaying.  I’m sorry, but everything going on here is very much high-stress and I just don’t think I can deal with the drama right now.  I probably won’t be on much for a while…  I’m sorry.))

zeta-ursae-majoris replied to your post: ((-sigh-  And I went ahead and pre-ordered the…

(( Others got it apparently, but had I known it was coming out early I’d have preordered it. Since I thought it was coming in Septenmber though, and I could only get one game around that time, I chose for Pokemon Y in October. ))

((Ah… Yeah, others have it. My friend Sam has it and she got it at the same time/place I did. Guess I’m just unlucky.))

naoyas-student replied to your post: ((-sigh-  And I went ahead and pre-ordered the…

Iwanttoplayitbutmygamestopdidn’thaveitsobsatlestyou’llprobablygetitsoon *hugs* if you need to talk at all I’m here

((Thanks… I’ve just been really moody lately, nothing that needs to be worried about.))

((-sigh-  And I went ahead and pre-ordered the thing months in advance…  No sign of SMTIV.  Guess I’m going to have to wait.

May or may not be on much today, my mood’s been throwing me into fits.))

Kei-mun is offline

With some intense work done, the Stratum seems to at last be clear of sex toys.  However, a couple lengths of chain have been kept in place… for their own reasons.  Hm.

((Gotta head to work now, it’s my first official day on the new team!  Talk to you all when I get home~))



Atsuro just sighed and shook his head sinking down slight as he wrote.

"Yeah I know that….I let my anger get the best of me again….and I really am sorry I never…I never meant for this.  I’m sorry Keisuke really…I’ll learn to control my anger.. sorry…I am…

You can take a free hit at me….I do deserve that for agreeing with Mizar and for the other thing I said…”

"A hit at you?  Atsuro, don’t be ridiculous.  I know you’re sorry, I know you regret what you said…  And I forgive you.  What more needs to be done?"



"……."  He didn’t have to agree with that statement but whatever.  

"I’m sure I’ll recover sooner or later…I"m sure of it maybe your shadow can use the throne to help me?  I’ll send my shadow or Loki to go visit him since I"m…stuck here as you can see.

Keisuke…I’d be happy if you do but, I’m also worried.  I mean she hates me for having that middle school crush on you and, for….how you feel about me now.  I never meant to get in the way of you two honest!  So if you do be…gentle with your wording so she doesn’t take it the wrong way.

I mean can you be honest with me Keisuke?  Do you really think I meant what I said to her?  I mean she told you right?”

"Perhaps…  Though I wouldn’t recommend sending either of them.  There are very few people my Shadow is willing to listen to… and for your safety, I would stay out of his way.  Maybe…  Maybe I can talk some sense into him."

"Of course I will be gentle with her.  She…  She needs it, after all of this.  I won’t push her past her limit…  Though after what she did to you, I…"  A quiet sigh escaped the boy, revealing just how torn he really felt.  "…Regardless, there is no cause for worry."

"I…  She did tell me, yes…"  The paper crumpled slightly in his hands.  "One ought never to say things they don’t mean, Atsuro."



Atsuro just sniffed lightly rubbing his eyes a bit before writing again.

"Thank you Keisuke….I was so scared of losing you and worried you’d hate me for saying such things to Alioth.  Heh I’m pretty stupid aren’t I?  Trying to get rid of myself, thinking the best solution was to stay out of your life but, your still here forgiving me.”

A few tears just stained the paper as he wrote he felt so happy right now.  So so happy that he wasn’t going to lose his best friend.  

"But….I don’t think Alioth will ever forgive me for this……and she’ll probably never want me near you again."

"I can agree with you there, you are occasionally… thoughtless."  Keisuke shook his head slowly.  "But everything is all right now.  You don’t have anything to worry about.  If you could only… recover…"  He trailed off.  Everything was not all right, he reminded himself.  Something had to be done about… Atsuro…

"I…  I can speak to Alioth.  It seems all of this is built on the foundation of a misunderstanding, one that only needs to be cleared…"


"……" *Okay but like I said this isn’t her fault. She may have wanted this but I did this to myself. But are you sure you want me here in your life still? I mean I’m scared this happens again*

"Don’t be scared.  It’s all right.  Everything…  Everything’s fine now, aside from your condition.  Please..  Don’t let yourself believe this is your fault.  Not if it’s going to leave you… like this."



Atsuro quickly shook his head panicked. *No its not all the blame falls on me! I told you I deserved it she had nothing to do with it.*

"…That isn’t true, Atsuro.  And I’m not going to listen to you put yourself down this way, not when you’ve already gone so far."